Thursday, October 19, 2006

:: Local Fruit

Jing, I need your help! :D
I know it might sound silly, but I kinda like this local fruits but yet I don't know what it's usually called :p The only thing I know is this fruit is soo tasty, you won't get enough of its crunchy bites.
It's so addicting..hehe... I almost always have it beside my laptop for quick grab during surfing. ;p *d'oh..isn't that so obvious?*
..and Jing, thanks in advanced :)


Blogger Ovelikios said...

Greeting to 2008 Olympic city from the...2004 one. I have no idea what fruits are they but I love your blog. China is an interesting country, I am sure that one day will rule the world. What I am not sure of, is if that will be good or bad. :-)

20/10/06 8:40 PM  
Blogger Jing said...

ooo...dont tempt me, vveen!!
This is my favourite fruits in autumn too. But thats what people can find easily in north,not in south.
I think its a kind of jujube,watery,sweetier than other types, people also call it "apple" jujube. and its Chinese name is "dong1 zao3"(冬枣)(dong1 = winter; zao3 = jujube ),actually i dont know its origination.maybe its the very delicious fruit people can eat before the cold winter is coming?? i have no ideas.
anyway, i have to buy some tomorrow!!!delicious~~~~~~~~~

have a nice weekend there~~

20/10/06 9:19 PM  
Blogger vveen said...

thanks jing!

i know it starts with dong, but i don;t know how to read the second character :p I guess I should study harder..hehe..

and oh, i thought dong zao can be easily found where ever in China... well, good luck to you..and enjoy the fruits :) *and your weekend!* or, want me to send over some for you :p

20/10/06 10:54 PM  
Blogger Lisi said...

I think this is some kind of date...well, at least in the "date" family of fruit :-)

21/10/06 12:03 PM  

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